Ipad + Mouse and Keyboard!?

iPad Master Race?!

iPads are fun and helpful and depending on the model, very, very powerful. They can be versatile, filling the needs of the moment but often times pale in comparison to just how robust a laptop or desktop can be. With Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in full swing they show gamers even more love with sound and keyboard support!

You’ve been able to pair a Bluetooth mouse to iPad since September 2019.  After pairing, a curser would appear on your screen that you could use to navigate to your hearts content. A click of your finger would then imitate the tapping of your finger to the screen. Great for simple browsing experiences and simple games(Solitaire, Puzzle Games) but leaves a much to be desired when compared to the functionality of gaming on a PC.  

The mouse cursor will lay on top of the screen, obstructing anything behind it. In a perfect mobile gaming world, moving your mouse would be equal to looking in that directions in the game. On iPad currently, in order to look around you have to click and hold for the game to recognize the mouse cursor as a “Touch” and from then you will be able to look in different directions.  This leads to the user clicking many more times than they would on a PC to do simple things like turn the camera or maneuver a character around an obstacle or through a door in a game.  

As touchscreen’s aren’t the preferred way to play, we’ve had the ability to also pair gamepads such as the PS4 or XboxOne controller to our mobile devices as well. Great for platforms and racing games, but for first person shooters and MMOs, mouse and keyboard are still the fan favorites for responsiveness, accuracy and familiarity.  At the end of the day, there’s nothing quite like “Clicking heads”.

Apple means to bring you one step closer to carrying your gamer rig with mouse and keyboard support. Here is a listing of videos to post later this week that focus on not only customizing the way the mouse looks on the screen, but for what you can do with the inputs from a wireless mouse as well! With any luck, full keyboard and mouse support will become available in iOS14, but it goes without saying that developers of apps will time to add these features to their apps. Either way, I’ll be sure to let me know when you can drop someone in Fortnite from 40 meters away from with a flick of the wrist on your iPad.

Till next time!